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February 20 2024

Participate in the birth of the first FTTE Token, observe how Tokenized assets will conquer the market.

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urano financial

All our smart contracts are audited by CERTIK.

urano entertainment

The marketplace and proprietary metaverse, developed by ALSARO S.A., which include among its various services the first virtual and digital TV, METAVERSUS TV, will allow users to earn cryptocurrencies and fiat currency within the ecosystem.

Produzioni cinematografiche di alto livello, agenzia di marketing tokenizzata, collettore di contenuti video forniti dagli utenti; tutto a disposizione degli investitori che volessero partecipare al business di loro interesse. Partecipare รจ semplice come mintare un FFT.

17 Jun 2024
17 Jun 2024
Birth of the'digital asset
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17 Jun 2024
17 Jun 2024
Setting up of the Urano ecosystem
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17 Jun 2024
17 Jun 2024
Growth and development of new projects
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17 Jun 2024
17 Jun 2024
Ecosystem consolidation and development of CEX and Urano blockchain
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17 Jun 2024
17 Jun 2024
Strategic marketing actions
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17 Jun 2024
17 Jun 2024
Digital exchanges
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The path offered by Urano towards financial freedom, to be taken together.

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The Urano team has formed strategic collaborations and partnerships with top industry players in order to develop its ecosystem quickly and professionally.

Every aspect is carefully planned

Q4 2022

  • Launch of the website (urano.finance).

  • Launch of social media channels (tw, tg, ig, fb, reddit, discord, Asian social media channels such as Weebo and VK).

  • Certik security audit for Smart Contracts immediately available on a dedicated page of the website.

  • Implementation of Metaversus TV in streaming and digital channels, as well as the virtual TV studio of our metaverse.

  • Implementation of the Tokenised Marketing Agency.

  • Partnership with a film production company to produce and distribute two films by the end of 2023.

  • Partnership with Alsaro.ch to build the Urano Metaverse.

  • Partnership with Piromak S.r.l to sell the first energy plant in Romania.

  • #1 Social Marketing Campaign and Airdrop of the first 1000 Urano Staking Hubs.

  • Request for Urano to be listed on one of the largest Centralised Exchanges in the world.

  • Request for listing on CoinMarketCap and CG Fast Track.

  • Listing on CoinSniper, CoinScope, etc.

  • #1 Sales Marketing Campaign with Celebrities, Influencers and Sponsors to launch our Utility TOKEN, Metaversus TV and Staking Hubs.

  • Public sale of Urano Tokens, Staking Hubs and Urano NFT Boosters on the official website.

  • #1 Partner and Scaling Marketing Campaign to attract more investors.

Q1 2023

  • #2 Social Marketing Campaign โ€“ airdrop of the last 1000 Staking Hubs; airdrop of NFTs relating to the Metaverse.

  • #2 Sales Marketing Campaign.

  • Listing on Uniswap DEX followed by listing on two top-20 Exchanges within 2-3 months. Listing packages will include a large marketing promotion for each CEX where URANO will be listed.

  • #2 Partner Marketing Campaign.

  • Opening of the Urano Marketplace: Shopping Space (phase 1: NFTs only) Activation of Urano on the website and on CEXs Launch of Urano Entertainment; First release of NEXT (Metaverse) with an immersive experience thanks to Urano Entertainment NFTs.

  • Minting of Financial NFTs related to films produced by Urano Entertainment.

  • Minting of Financial NFTs for developing the Urano CEX Exchange.

  • #2 Scaling Marketing Campaign to attract more investors.

  • Development of Urano Technical Team.

Q2/q3 2023

  • #3 Social Marketing Campaign - airdrop of further Urano Entertainment NFTs.

  • Launch of a Urano Entertainment play-to-earn game in the Metaverse: The first treasure hunt in the Metaverse and on TV.

  • #3 Partner Marketing Campaign.

  • Minting of a new collection of Gaming NFTs for Urano Entertainment and a collection of NFTs for funding Urano Financial's Green projects.

  • #3 Marketing Campaign for Public Presale.

  • Second release of Shopping Space with the possibility for users to open their own shop.

  • First listing on a Centralised Exchange (top 10).

  • Release of the official trailer for the film financed by Urano Entertainment.

  • Development of Technical Team.

  • Creation of Urano Launchpad.

  • Financial licence to start building the Urano CEX and a dedicated Urano Tomorrow investment fund.

  • #3 Scaling Marketing Campaign to attract more investors.

  • Start of development of Urano Financial's Green Projects.

  • Start of industrial project in Tirana.

Q4 2023 + Q1/Q2 2024

  • #4 Social Marketing Campaign - Airdrop of Urano Financial NFTs.

  • #4 Partner Marketing Campaign.

  • International release and distribution of Urano's first film.

  • #4 Sales Marketing Campaign for DAO Fund and other Gaming and Financial NFTs.

  • Minting of Financial NFTs for the DAO Fund.

  • Birth of Urano's DAO investment fund.

  • Fourth launch with minting of Urano's Gaming and Financial NFTs.

  • #4 Scaling Marketing Campaign to attract more investors.

  • #4 Scaling Marketing Campaign to increase the number of investors.

  • Release and distribution of Urano's second film.

  • #5 Social Marketing Campaign - Airdrop of Staking Hubs related to the new Urano blockchain.

  • Minting of the new URANO Coin and Staking Hub NFTs related to the development of the URANO blockchain.

  • #5 Partner Marketing Campaign.

  • Presale of the first validator nodes to activate and secure the Urano blockchain.

  • Release of the new Urano Coin.

  • Release of Layer 1 of the Urano blockchain.

  • #5 Sales Marketing Campaign related to Urano CEX and DEX wallet.

  • Launch of the Urano Centralised Exchange (CEX).

  • #5 Scaling Marketing Campaign to attract more investors.

  • Minting of NFTs related to the development of the Urano Wallet.

  • Development of Urano's Multichain DEX wallet.

Q3/Q4 2024

  • #6 Social Marketing Campaign.

  • Launch of Urano's DEX Wallet.

  • Listing of the Urano asset on the Zurich Digital Exchange.

  • #6 Partner Marketing Campaign.

  • #6 Sales Marketing Campaign.

  • Urano-branded crypto debit card (linked to the wallet) in collaboration with VISA.

  • Listing of the asset on the Singapore Digital Exchange.

  • #6 Scaling Marketing Campaign.